Zazen Meditation

Every Saturday, 7:00am  

Weekly Saturday Morning Zazen Meditation & Talks

Paul Discoe, ordained Buddhist priest and founder of O2AA, is extending an invitation to anyone who would like to join Saturday mornings for a recurring Zazen meditation and discussion session – an occasion to discuss Buddhism with friends and fellow travelers.

Each week Paul will pick a theme from Suzuki Roshi’s teachings to discuss both meaning of his words and everyday application.


Commence at 7am

7:00 Zazen

7:40 Kinhin

7:50 Zazen

8:30 Heart Sutra

8:40 Talk

9:00 Open discussion

10:00 Reconfigure room and clean up

One on one discussion is available at 10:30am.


This activity will take place in the dining room of Soba Ichi at 2311 Magnolia Street. Please enter the gate to the restaurant courtyard and come into the dining room. We will unlock the gate at 7am. Feel free to come to whatever part of the session that is appropriate for you.

To RSVP or for additional information, please email info(at)o2aa(dot)com

This session will occur every Saturday unless notified otherwise.


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