O2 Artisans Aggregate

2311 Magnolia St. Oakland, CA

O2AA, an eco-industrial park located in West Oakland, is home to a network of artisans working collectively to develop and promote environmentally progressive projects. The systems created at O2 enable tenants and the community to utilize alternative energies & reduce and up-cycle various waste-streams.

Organized by the founder of Joinery Structures, Paul Discoe, the Aggregate is comprised of tenants who practice interactive and sustainable methods by sharing spaces, resources, tools and machinery. A core team of project developers works on-site to incubate and manage new efforts, as well as expand the scope and scale of O2AA.

Some of our systems include aquaponic gardening and fish farming, solar power production, waste water digestion for re-use, the construction of a community kitchen space, bio-char and bio-chip production, composting facilities and up-cycling food waste to create a sustainable animal feed.