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Scraps to Feed Introduction

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Posted by O2 Artisans Aggregate on Friday, July 8, 2016

According to the EPA, 37 million tons of food waste were generated domestically in 2013. Based on the EPA’s Food Recovery Hierarchy, feeding animals is the third most effective way of keeping organic materials from ending up in landfills, following source reduction and feeding hungry people. In Alameda County 19% of food waste ends up in a landfill. Starting July 1, 2015, Oakland embarked on an ambitious zero waste program to keep all recyclable and compostable material out of landfills.

Project O2 Scraps to Feed addresses the demands set forth by federal and state regulations by establishing an innovative and local waste recycling program..

Using food that is unsuitable for human consumption, we will convert local single stream industrial by-product into a pelletized feed for on-site animals. We will have the capacity to convert roughly 1 ton of wet by-product in to feed a day. From our neighboring manufacturers, we will gather tofu production leftovers, called okara, spent grain from a distillery, and the leftovers from cereal making. Any material unsuitable for animal consumption will be added to the compost. Protein and carbohydrate material will be dried separately, then mixed in proportions suitable for the intended animal and pelletized. Drying the feed allows us to store the product for longer periods of time, creating a steady and reliable supply. Product will be used to feed chickens, rabbits and fish, and any surplus will be sold-on site, or used as a soil amendment.

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