Stephanie Intelisano


Stephanie Intelisano’s work is deeply inspired by and designed for the home chef whose tableware is used frequently and well loved. Each piece is made from hand-dyed porcelain that is slip cast on the heavier side to withstand everyday use around the kitchen. Her earthy palette was developed to compliment meals, but are subtle enough to not distract from the natural beauty of the food itself. The triad of warm hues is meant to work together and can be mixed or matched to your liking.

Stephanie combines two ways of prototyping to create all of her work. First, she utilizes 3D modeling software to help estimate volume and overall design of each piece. If a vessel, the design is translated to a plaster model using a traditional form of prototyping called plaster turning. This method requires a small manual lathe and some arm strength. the handle forms are printed using a FDM 3D printer and then slip cast. 

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