Common Compost

Community Composting Using the Power of Worms!

Common Compost is a sustainable food recycling and composting service provider located in San Francisco and Oakland, California.  We believe the food system begins and ends with healthy soil.  We’re dedicated to increasing access to high quality, locally produced organic fertilizer for urban agriculture. Our programs encourage thinking more holistically about food “waste” and helping generators to reclaim it as a renewable natural resource for nearby community gardens, farms, and city soil.

Common Compost designs programs that make it easy and cost efficient for food “waste” generators (producer members) to process organic material on-site or to self-haul it to community hubs.  We manufacture municipal-size worm bins that process the material set aside for participation in our programs (public sponsors/investors).  We offer our worm castings to monthly subscribers (consumer members) on a u-haul basis from our compost hub sites.

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